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Periodic table of SEO

This table shows ranking of factors that affect to your website SEO.

A Comprehensive Guide Inside Your HEAD tag in HTML

Have you ever take more attention on your HEAD tag in your HTML code? This post from Six Revisions share about how to write better HEAD content. It’s good for optimize your website for SEO purpose.

SEO beginner guide

This post told us about how to use SEO technique to get better ranking on search engine result. It’s cover about how to optimize your content, code, and keywords. Must read for you who doesn’t know about SEO technique yet.

How to use heading tag for SEO on your blog

This post about how to use heading tags like h1,h2,h3, etc in your blog. Different page need different use. This post told us about when you need to use h1 tag in your post title and when use other tags in each page type.

Use 80-20 rule to increase your website effectiveness

Oleg Mokhov wrote a post at Six Revision about how the 80-20 rule can optimize your website and increase it’s effectiveness. It could help your website and increase conversion rate of your website.

Basically 80-20 rule is decrease the content of your website page to 20% to get the 80% result. Basically it’s still borrow the concept of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).