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Three awesome WordPress templates for my next personal project

I plan to use these 2 themes for the next personal project on It’s has specific function which not like other WordPress themes that used for blogging purpose.

Here are the 3 WordPress templates:

  1. Aggregator template 
    A WordPress template for aggregate content from other website including  Flickr, video, audio, or blog. This look interesting because it can help you to build same kind of Feedly. We can build a e-magazine from mash up of the website which we can choose by our self. Doesn’t need to build from scratch for the aggregation function. We only need to build the specific interface like Feedly.
  2. Live Tweet template
    A WordPress template that will show real time updates from Twitter with specific keyword or from a Twitter user. I plan to use this template as a base template for twitter discussion app. So the plan is we will use hashtag as channel an we can build a specific interface for discussion. The user doesn’t need to include hashtag in their tweet but will automatically added to the end of tweet. We can build also a statistic for show which discussion has high interaction etc.
    update: combined with P2Theme also interesting for post and reply tweet in discussion. We only need to redirect the post to Twitter instead save it as post or comment. 
  3. Minicard template
    This template basically provide a function for your personal information. It’s also provide downloadable contact using standard hCard or vCard format. What I’m thinking on this template? It’s could provide better interface for our FOWAB members. So we can use it as Indonesia creative people directory. But I don’t know if this template support multiple contact or not because I haven’t go deep with this template yet.