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The difference between good design and great design

great vs good design

Another great article from Six Revisions about design. The author wrote about the difference between good design and great design. Design need to fit with 3 perpective, from other designer, client, and user.

Truly great design, then, is when these three perspectives are considered and implemented equally to create a final product that is beautiful, effective and functional.

Keep in mind that the product must be a synergistic realization of the three perspectives and not merely contain elements ideally suited for each. The design must be attractive enough to catch a user’s attention, the message strong enough to communicate effectively to the user and the functionality simple enough to cause the user to take action.

Above is a summary about great design. You can read the long explanation and see some examples on it’s original post.

Blogging For Web Designers: Editorial Calendars and Style Guides

Very interesting post from Smashing Magazine. This post about how to planning your blogging time and how to stylize your content. It’s show how to schedule your content type each week and standardizing your content style and format.